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What Happened to MMNI ?

First of all for this page, I need to apologise to everybody affected, I am sincerely sorry for what has happened and I'm trying my best to get everything back to those who have lost data or had domains held.

When I started MMNI I had a lot of spare time available to me to nuture the business side and still keep my own projects running. Having recently started a more demanding job, this was not possible to balance it out. I made the decision to hand over the keys to somebody who was at first reliable and keen, but later just left everything in a total mess.

I've only just stumbled back to find the level of destruction that was left, bills unpaid, data lost, phone numbers dropping off the face of the earth and clients severely screwed. That is not cool, and all I can do now is try and fix this as best I can.

Most of the business accounts I'm currently locked out of, so this is extremely difficult to regain access, so there will be a delay in getting things back to a place they should have been for these past months.

A lot of good people got hit hard by this, and I understand if they have no trust in what I'm saying, I wouldn't either. When I can get access to your auth codes and get the panel back online, an email will go to you with this information.

Again, I can only apologise and fix what I can for the affects one persons actions had on all of you.


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