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Literally me, right now

I have managed to do two things in the last twenty four hours that I have been wanting to do forevers.

The first being, after many years of wanting to run my own version of the LiveJournal code, I finally got my shit together to do so.  Granted, since LiveJournal has since dropped off the open source circuit, it’s a Dreamwidth install.  But it’s forked off LiveJournal’s code.

Bref, I have a couple issues with the install, it’s not totally stable yet.  But It’s live at (you can see me here : [personal profile] kevin)

The second, very much tied in to the first, is that I have finally been able to liberate my 18 years of posts from LiveJournal !  THEY ARE ALL HERE.

I managed this feat during a test of the Dreamwidth code, I was just by chance giving it a go at importing from LJ.  And It worked, very well.  So I began the great WordPress Import of all my post that I brough to from LJ.  During the first run, using the WordPress still on DreamHost, I accidentally reposted them all one by one to Dreamwidth (sorry guys!) and managed to get myself blocked from my own server.

Well, that I was not having, actually to be fair I had another plan in mind and I apologise to DreamHost for doing it, but I spun up a server in the Toronto Data Centre of my favourite Cloud Instance provider and installed an instance of the WordPress.  My data is finally all mine, I have also setup a bucket to drop all the images in the cloud, I originally wanted this to stay with DreamObjects, but I gave up on modifying the AWS S3 WP Plugin (for this evening anyways).

But I promise that I will find a way to get it back over to DreamObjects, cos you’ll always be me Joolie DreamHost.

I couldn’t believe that I managed to pull it all off, but here we are, running off a WordPress install located in Toronto.  How the times have changed.

Once I manage to get the Dreamwidth code all up and running in a more stable way, I’ll write a bit more about it.  But there is one shame here, I still can’t post back to LiveJournal.  That is unfortunate.  So LiveJournal, sort your API out, so we can be friends again xx

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In it's little box glory.  Also remember you can also dial in to the BBS on (416) 548-4117 !

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Because it’s the weekend and I have some free time, I set up a news  server for the BBS to give a bit more control of what gets pulled in.

I’m using some old school tech on this one, the old laptop that MMN  used to run off, my Freebox, Hamster Playground and NewsProxy.

The feeds are pulled off two different servers depending on availability, my ISP’s USENET server and AIOE.  I will also get the stats uploaded automatically at some point, but for the moment it’s a manual task.  You can find the server stats here : 

Let me know as usual if you would like a feed or run in to any problems.

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I have been diddling on and off with Nanoblogger for some time, if you don't know what it is, it's basically a blogging platform that works on Bash.

It's unfortunately gone out of development as of 2013, but if you have the patience to work with it, I can assure you that it is actually quite flexible.  Plus you get the joy of beating something in to submission at the command line level.

I've put my BBS website in to production using Nanoblogger which makes handling the site easier to move around since it's all flat files, plus if I need to make a code update then I can just modify one file, push an update and we there.  No databases, no script issues, just nice flat files.

One of the things I have mentioned before is that I want to bring my data in house, because you never know if a service is going to fall down, which we have seen a number of sites fall down and take a few years of work with them.

For my blogging, I've started to use Wordpress as it was simplier to import a bulk load of old entries over, with the exception of course, being LiveJournal since the API has gone all wonky #sadface. But I'm trying to push things out on to not only my personal blogs, but dump them in another Nanoblogger install on Teleport.

One of the thing that held me back with Nanoblogger was that commenting isn't as easy to do, but I'm not really saying I get a lot (if any) comments on my posts, but it's nice to have around.

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Being a cold parisien night and holding a tiny bit of cash in my wallet, I decided to do a troll of what domains were available.

One term I like to search is BBS, because I also run a BBS, incidentally while writing this I totally got side tracked and connected to a few BBSes from Telnet BBS Guide.

Anyways, I registered and immediately put it up on's Free DNS Project because you shouldn't need a domain to put up a BBS and it would be nice to have a BBS focused domain to do that.

There are many software packages you can use, either at home or in the cloud.

So if you would like to be a part of this project, you can set up your own subdomain right here.

API Issues

Oct. 30th, 2018 04:06 am
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So LiveJournal's API has gone wonky and I can't crosspost or pull all my posts from here to my WordPress blog.

I still read on here, and at some point when I can crosspost back, then I'll write here too.

But in the meantime, check my Commodore themed WP here :

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1 bought a short domain some time ago, it is I had some issues trying to work out where it was to fit in with what I already have running, since is now here on LiveJournal, and is the hosting domain.

I've been recently pulling apart what is allocated to my business side of MMN and what is my personal hobby side. In the move, I recovered my long time email address, but lost the website to the business side (equally my email address is full on business now).

I then took the BBS away from being on the business, so this is back to being a personal venture. Doing that I managed to put in to use another domain,, that should have been a business project but never was. So that part all fit in.

But I could never fully place, until today. I've made it in to a portal site, with my personal sites and such in there. It makes sense, I have a lot of little side projects all over the place.with their own domains, like ( for example.

I'm trying to also drop my data foot print in bigger companies, such as Creepy Googles, so it'll be the place I'll pop my photo hosting site too. On a side note, my personal email is now self hosted, encrypted and self managed.

I've also brought back the old MMN design that was lost in the business site changes, it's kind of like having an old friend back.

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So I made a strange post a couple days ago, if you haven't guessed it
was a test :D

I have come back to my hobby BBS, getting it all back and running
online. It's now available at

With this I have moved my emails and such back here, I've also created a
way I can update this journal via the system. It's rather nice being
able to do things text only again. With too many clients and crappy
social networks, it was a bit of a moment to disengage them.

Now the interface is very much working on any platform, it's all ANSI,
text works everywhere with out much problem.

I'm quite proud of the technicalities behind getting this system back
online, I don't have an appropriate PC at home that I can use. So until
I manage to buy one, make sure it all runs smoothly and actually have a
place I can put it in my appartment, the BBS is using the Google Cloud.

Google in their wisdom decided that they don't want email going out port
25, so I've also learned how to create an internal network on their
platform and set up a basic Postfix server to throw the emails off their
network and on to a SMTP relay service.

I'm not kidding when I say that I was up until 5h in the morning trying
to work all this out without going fully nuts.

But it works now and I've now got half the skills to set up my own mail
server to start dishing out emails (currently stuck with OpenDKIM not

I emailed pretty much everybody with my email address, although my
original domain is now in the hands of all my business side of
things (web hosting, domains, etc) I have my email address there
forwarding to my BBS email address.

Just don't be surprised if you see a reply from an email

It's also worth noting that since no agreement between me and
could have ever been a thing, it's not possible to register at
all. So when happened to be in my portfolio of over registering,
it seemed like a good compromise.
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I'm vaguebooking here, but shhh.
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Outside La Rochelle
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All the photos from the trip can be found here.

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On my road trip series, I have taken the opportunity to bring out the driving licence and get behind the left hand wheel, and explore the France.

It started with an accidental trip down to Orléans, thanks to a missing recharge card for the Nissan LEAF I rented, and has begun to form an actual plan to see how far and what we can reasonably see in an Electric car. Mainly because the rental price is a lot cheaper, but you know, reasons or something.

This time around we went for Compiègne, 77km away from Paris and frought with a series of speed traps, that even Satan himself might feel are a bit unfair*.

The area is quite nice, small little town vibe and of course Jeanne D'Arc was there too, because she seems to have gone everywhere.

Our plan was to walk around, see somethings and have a picnic in the large forest behind the Palais de Compiègne, the weather was kind of OK, somewhat opressive humidity but in the end it cleared for the sun. Considering the outlook from Météo France was full on monsoon, I think it certainly could have been worse.

During our pre picnic walkaround, because our two hours of free parking** was going to expire and there was no way in hell I'd miss out on free parking by paying for it, we saw some of the google recommendations of what to do in this tiny place. Spoiler : not a lot.

After the car was paid up and we went off to the palais, it was a very beautiful experience, sure could have got a nice park in Paris, but it was just a bit different. And the guys, well we played Uno and they enjoyed all the

they could.

Yeah I got busted in an area that was totally not sign posted.

It turns out that since there were no police municipale in the area, everywhere was free parking for the day. So in the end, we were the only idiots to pay. 

Also in case you missed the reference, here it is

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Because I started MMN as a hobby, then started to move in to a business context slowly over the years, it's been hard to seperate my personal things from work things, and this is certainly obvious in my email inbox.

Honestly, I'm starting to lose track of my own things between the automatic notifications from all the systems, business emails, personal emails and everything else.

So I'm starting the process of removing domains from the business G Suite account on to a personal email server.

And this means all the domains I've got personally, which are shockingly a lot, are now in to this account.

Over this week, I'll be sending out an email to people I keep in touch with my personal address and of course start the labourious task of moving everything out one by one.

If you want to email me in the interim, it's now via this form.

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but then I forgot, so I wrote this to justify staring at the screen since forever.


But while we're all here, have a look at the photos from the Jeanne d'Arc festival in Orléans that we came across by chance.

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There is a new mezzaine bed here, and Kaja has decided that it's hers and only hers.

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Little miss bitch face had the opportunity to go outside and enjoy herself, she was thoroughly pissed off during the entire time.

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She spent a grand total of 20 minutes being angry that she was outside.

However, give her two hours later and suddenly she's all

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That is Kaja, she's not demanding to be pet while growling and hissing when she is touched. 

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One thing I like is a good short domain, that is clear considering you're probably reading this on

I even have a web hosting service on, but with my business email sneaking on to, I decided I needed to have a seperate domain for my personal account.  Something a bit more secure and not as heavily monitored as my mailbox (because all my business emails go through it).

So I went on a search, and after a couple days of combinations, I found  It came to me thinking wildly out of the box, since I've had the domain, website and bbs, there have been so many versions since 1996.

To the point I can honestly say, I can not remember what version of MMN I'm sat on today.  I try to avoid making too many changes, but it is a part of time and one has no choice.

On this line of thought, I came out with Version X, not to be confused with an iProduct intrepretation of X being 10.  The X in this case happens to be X replacing a long forgotten number.

So far I have a blogger site on there where I post endless cat photos, I'm probably going to do something more interesting with it soon though.

But for now, is my personal space which I should fill with my ongoing projects and perhaps even one of those marketing guru style about me pages.

However, I would need to discuss this with my new coder whom I recently hired

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That Face

Mar. 10th, 2018 08:53 pm
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That moment when you get what you want but realise it was shit.

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What be new

Mar. 5th, 2018 08:56 am
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While I realise it has been a while since I last posted on my forever blog, I as usual am quite busy these days.

But having bought a laptop for work, I can't really use it for personal reasons, therefore while I was shopping in the high end tech market that is E.Leclerc, I found a rather cheap notebook that I can keep with myself. Further to this, having smashed my previous phone and replaced it. I now have a wifi hotspot I can use without having to faff about with contracts and crap like that.

I guess this is a win, or not, depending on how you look at these things.

Kaja is doing well, as per usual, she's just coming off heat, so is in a miserable mood. She's started hissing at me for no reason, which is rich for a creature that was screaming down the house so all the boys come to her yard at all hours.

I currently have this massive cold of doom that is really breaking my balls in half, since it completely blocks off my ability to breathe during the night, one can imagine that my sleeping habits are somewhat feck up as a result.  So I have basically gone from screaming cat to not sleeping anyways.  Classic.

I have also finally improved my phone system, somewhat, still doing some playing around to finalise the best fit for me, but at least I have done away with some IVRs that didn't need to be on some numbers, fixed up the queuing sequence and a few other things.

I've also now been able to pull some reports from the phone system and also work out the billing codes too.  Which is good.

What else can I really update everybody with, not that much really, I spend most of my time on trains for the moment.  I may also be going to Italy for the first time in a couple months, figured I would head down to the south and since I'll be down there Italy is kind of not that far from Nice, non ?  I think it is a good idea and obviously I will have to get my Italian going.


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