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I never really had a true plan for AX.PE, like really I did not. I’ve been doing things with it for a while now but nothing of real interest.

It seems now that I have found a little pet project for it, I discovered Known. Having read up about it, and being particularly interested in the social media sharing part (since I won’t have to be stuck in the Facebook endless loop), I decided to go for it.

However, it appears that they may have omitted some pertinent information about the whole connecting to anti-social medias. Ya gotta pay. And actually while writing this post and getting lost in the documentation, it appears that it ain’t a thing any more.

Which severely changes the tone of this particular post, if I can figure out how to get it to communicate with the social networks, then it’ll be a good thing. If I can’t then, really it won’t replace what’s already happening here. WordPress does all the graft and I don’t need to Tweet.

It is quite light weight on the eyes, so I’ll still give it a play around and see what happens.

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Oh what a long week this has been, but at least it’s over for now. And if anything, fnac being a pile of arse with my delivery last weekend has improved things a bit.

Game over bitch
Game over bitch

I’ve been between not getting past the second level of Sonic the Hedgehog and writing junk on I finally managed to work out what I’m doing with my sites, getting a bit back to basics here.

Both this site and are run on WordPress, because by far it’s the most flexable way and I have a soft spot for it. But is just static content, no blog entries, although I am using the blogging function there to cross post the newsletter and bulletins from the board on the web. Here is the actual blog, for blogging and rambling and whatever.

I tried in the past to use my LiveJournal for everything, but mixing blog with site was not really happening. You live, laugh, love and learn the hard way I guess.

Also rather than using my own installation on my own server, I’ve left on DreamHost but both sites share the same DigitalOcean Space for the image library. Might as well get my money’s worth on that #fivebuxisfivebux.

I’ll leave this post here, because it be time to visit my friend the ring stealer.

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